DJ FaiboX

Romania // Bucharest



Dj Faibo X started as a turntablist and hip-hop dj in 2001. After 13 years, hundreds of live shows and club dj sets, he finds himself in a mixture of music genres called MASH-UP. In 2004 he started, with Dj Paul, Dj Undoo and Dj Dox, the first dj crew in Romania, Turntable Science, crew that opened shows for big names in the industry worldwide, like Wu Tang Killa Bees, Kid Koala, DJ Rob Swift, DJ Vadim, Promoe, Dj Rafik and the inventor of “scratch” Grand Wizard Theodor.
In 2008 he started a series of mixtapes called “Fonoteca de Aur”, that incorporated romanian hip-hop hits from the 1990s and the 2000s.
In 2011 he became the resident and the image of Collage Bucharest, one of the hippest clubs in Bucharest.
Nowadays, besides the residency in Collage and the RNB Party Crew collaboration, he became part of the team behind the biggest dj store in Romania, DJSuperStore.


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