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D.A.T.M. - 9am Afterhours Set @ Fundatia Tineretului Deva




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Buttons, knobs and faders are the three magical words that will get DuzzyDAS aka Doroga Alexandru’s attention. Driven by passion for music and a healthy dose of determination he has been experimenting with sounds and the effect they have on people for more than 10 years now.

Started the music career as a Dj at age 15 and over the years evolved into a producer, sound designer and label manager:

„I belive that music is meant to be played live, and every artist has his own charm, there is no good music or bad, just music you like and music other people like.”

After high school he took several online courses @ Point Blank London www.pointblankonline.net and built his own project studio which serves as the perfect work environment for a musician. Practically he never leaves the studio www.clickstudio.ro hardly sleeps and loves what he is doing.


Release: Deva, Romania

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